Sozo Senior Wellness Services


SOZO Services
may include, but are not limited to: Advising on...

Personal Health

  1. Acting as a personal health advisor
  2. Assisting  with crisis intervention
  3. Observing and monitoring health status including vital signs and chronic disease symptoms               
  4. Advising, interpreting, educating and advocating  for seniors
  5. Training family or caregivers to follow an established care plan then evaluating outcomes


  1. Educating client, family, caregiver, and facilities on health promotion
  2. Promoting early interventions
  3. Facilitating accurate administration of medication
  4. Promoting therapeutic activities for the client’s overall health
  5. Observing nutritional status


  1. Advising on activity by assessing current activity level and tolerance
  2. Consulting MD on an activity program
  3. Individualizing an activity program
  4. Evaluating outcomes of an activity program
  5. Recommending appropriate activity resources such as senior centers, equipment, videos, etc.


  1. Ensuring safety while maintaining autonomy
  2. Providing support for patients recently discharged from: the hospital, home health services, or other service providers
  3. Assisting in the securing of appropriate housing for the aging senior
  4. Reviewing current facility or caregiver for effectiveness
  5. Reviewing current housing for fall risks and safety issues then offering alternatives

Navigation of the healthcare and legal systems 

  1. Advising, interpreting, educating and advocating for clients through their encounters with the healthcare system
  2. Facilitating continuity of care by communication
  3. Facilitating the completion of legal paperwork such as Living Wills or Healthcare Power of Attorney and organizing records for availability
  4. Supporting client in obtaining their medical records
  5. Recommending and coordinating resources in the community for the client’s healthcare and other issues

If SOZO is unable to provide a service we will direct you to other trusted resources


Though not covered by Medicare or private insurance, fees for contracted services are established to be cost effective for the senior. Fees vary according to services and will be decided upon prior to any charges being incurred.  The initial consult is free.

 We also have Virtual Wellness Memberships available at various levels of care and cost.



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Senior Wellness Coaching and
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