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Senior Wellness Coaching and
Geriatric Care Management Services

SOZO Senior Wellness

162 Wind Chime Court
Raleigh, NC  27615


Carol Long RN-BC
Gerontological Nurse




SOZO Senior Wellness is dedicated to supporting seniors in achieving their best overall health allowing them to…Live life to its fullest

Who could benefit from SOZO services?
The older senior:

  1. who has no family or family far away
  2. who has a chronic disease
  3. who has frequent hospital or ER visits
  4. who falls frequently
  5. who is inactive
  6. Anyone wanting to improve a senior’s quality of life

SOZO creates a team to achieve the senior’s health goals.  We coordinate services and emphasize continuity of care.  Personal contact with our staff is crucial and may occur through home visits, office visits, telephonic support or email.

We establish a collaborative relationship with the client and family.  We then assess the senior for actual and potential problems in all areas of their life.  We also identify strengths and resources.  After needs are determined, an individualized plan is developed.  We provide many of the needed services but also coordinate resources in the senior’s family, healthcare community and spiritual community.  The senior’s independence and well-being are our ultimate goals. 



 Dimensions of wellness: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, social, vocational, environmental
Problems of the elderly: safety, activity, depression, medications, nutrition, housing, symptoms, hydration, stress, isolation
Roles of wellness staff: advocate, ally, advisor, aide, coordinator, coach, cheerleader, problem solver, listener

SOZO Senior Wellness ~ 162 Wind Chime Court ~ Raleigh, NC 27615 ~ 919-847-4792


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